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    Congresswoman Lauren Boebert added on to the criticism of , who was recently heckled at a town hall event, by saying the New York has ‘sold out’ her constituents.<br>’On the rare occasions that @AOC actually spends time with her constituents, she is reminded that she has sold them out at every turn,’ Boebert tweeted on Thursday.<br>’She campaigned as an outsider and has now just morphed into Sandy Pelosi.'<br>AOC responded to the tweet hours later: ‘Hey Boebert, you seem to have us confused.'<br>’I have attended and hosted (hundreds) of community events, hold regular town halls (and) don’t take a dime in corporate cash.<br>’You are bankrolled by (Political Action Committees), Big Ag, and Oil.

    (You) are too scared to hold regular town halls open to all.'<br>Just over 12 hours later, Boebert returned to the slot online gacor terbaik feud.<br>’I have governed as I campaigned,’ Boebert wrote. ‘You have sold out your supporters.<br>’Just own it.
    You’re the machine now.'<br> Colorado congresswoman Lauren Boebert (right) added on to criticism of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who was recently heckled at a town hall event<br> Boebert’s original tweet that kicked off the Twitter feud with AOC<br> Pictured: The back-and-forth Twitter conflict between Boebert and AOC<br>Boebert started the Twitter conflict a day after AOC was interrupted by protesters at her Bronx town hall event over her vote to approve military aid to Ukraine.<br>’I believed in you, and you became the very thing you sought to fight against.

    That’s what you’ve become,’ one of the protesters yelled. ‘You are the establishment.'<br>Two men shouted down AOC during the question-and-answer period of the town hall.<br>’You originally ran as an outsider, yet you’ve been voting to sta ‘I believed in you, and you became the very thing you sought to fight against.

    That’s what you’ve become,’ one of the protesters yelled<br> One heckler identified himself by his Twitter handle, @Noggatone<br> The other protester identified himself as Jose Vega<br> The protesters applauded Rep.

    Tulsi Gabbard, who announced earlier this week a decision to leave the Democratic Party<br> ‘Just own it.

    You’re the machine now,’ Boebert tweeted at AOC<br>The interruption was met with a mix of shouts – and some applause – as the congresswoman asked the men to wait their turn, as there was apparently a line of constituents waiting to ask AOC questions.<br>’I will get to the issue,’ she said.<br>When asked why she wouldn’t immediately explain her votes to send military assistance to Ukraine, she answered: ‘Because you are being rude to everyone around you.'<br>In February, as Russia started its invasion of neighboring Ukraine, Ocasio-Cortez called the move in a tweet ‘indefensible.'<br>At the time she called for targeted sanctions on Russian President Vladimir Putin and his oligarchs.<br>She’s since voted in favor of military aid funding. <br> Vladimir Putin said (pictured during a press conference in Astana) that a direct clash between NATO and Russian troops would lead to a ‘global catastrophe’, adding that he saw no need to carry out massive strikes against Ukraine…

    ‘for now'<br> Vladimir Putin has again increased his strategic nuclear bombers at an airbase near the Finnish and Norwegian borders, say reports.

    Pictured: A satellite image taken on October 7, 2022 shows seven Tu-160 strategic bombers (marked in red) and four  President Vladimir Putin has warned that direct clashes with Russia would spark ‘global catastrophe’. <br>NATO is set to start military drills practicing the use of Europe’s nuclear bombs on Monday.

    The nuclear drills – which do not involve live bombs – are annual exercises that the alliance said are not ‘linked to current world events’.<br>President Biden suggested in a Tuesday evening interview that the United States military has a contingency plan in the event Russian President Vladimir launches a nuclear on Ukraine.<br>’He, in fact, cannot continue with impunity to talk about the use of a tactical nuclear weapon, as if that’s a rational thing to do,’ the president told CNN’s Jake Tapper.<br>’The mistakes get made…and the miscalculation could occur.

    No one can be sure of what would happen. And it could end in Armageddon.'<br>

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