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    A hilarious photo has emerged of two footy players poking fun at great Wayne Carey in the wake of his white powder casino scandal. <br>One is kitted up as the North legend and holding a rolled up $100 note while the other is dressed as a zip-lock bag of crushed anti-inflammatories with Carey’s face on it and holding a Myki transport card.<br>The zip lock bag the man is wearing also features some sort of unidentified white powder. <br> <br /> The hilarious image, posted on travel company Mad Mondays’ social media pages, quickly went viral, racking up almost 10,000 likes and 3000 comments. <br> The two footy players poked fun at Wayne Carey in the wake of his white powder casino scandal.

    One was kitted up as the Kangaroos legend, while another was dressed as a ziplock bag filled with an unidentified white powder<br>Many declared it ‘one of the greatest Mad Monday get-ups ever’, such was the attention to detail in the costumes, 우리카지노계열 which included smeared powder, a bum bag and 카지노사이트 a rolled-up $100<br>e. The 51-year-old Kangaroos legend was kicked out of Perth’s Crown Casino on September 1 after a bag containing an unidentified white powder fell onto a gambling table from Carey’s pocket right in front of gamblers an<br>aff.He was escorted out of the venue by security and banned from all Crown venues for two years, but is adamant the mysterious substance is not illegal, and 우리카지노계열 was instead a legal anti-<br>ammatory.He did admit it ‘wasn’t a good look’, but denied he did anyt<br> wrong.  Wayne Carey, pictured at an event on September 8 where he discussed the casino incident, insists he did nothing wrong, and the crushed-up white powder was a legal anti<br>lammatory’It was not an illegal substance, it was offered to security.

    Security didn’t take it,’ Carey told .The two-time premiership winner is employing Maurice Blackburn lawyers to ‘investigate a possible disability discrimin<br>n claim’.’Mr Carey is prescribed anti-inflammatories and pain killing medicine to help manage the significant pain caused by debilitating football injuries – including a shoulder that needs replacing and a neck injury that requires three discs to be replaced,’ Carey’s lawyer, Josh Bornstein, said in a media relea<br>ast week.’We are considering whether Crown Casino unlawfully discriminated against Mr Carey by excluding him from its premises as a result of a pre-existing<br>ability.’It was a decision slammed by disability advocates all over<br>tralia. <div class=”art-ins mol-factbox sport” data-version=”2″ id=”mol-00fb2b40-33f8-11ed-a5e2-5584efe9deac” website Mad Monday costume pokes fun at Wayne Carey&apos;s casino scandal

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